The Anonymity of the Problem

“We all have stories we’ll never tell” Anon

When we have a problem, we have our own way of thinking through it, and over time we may get stuck in our thoughts, ideas, emotions and beliefs around the problem.

At times we have a problem we feel we cannot share. Maybe we feel guilt, shame, stupid, vulnerable, fear of being judged or a reluctance to discuss something that would be breaking a confidence.

The process I have developed means that you don’t need to discuss the problem itself. This is a non-disclosure approach that works for you whether it is a personal problem or work.

Is The Problem






Something Else...


“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Robert Ebert

Using 8 unique perspectives, I will help you to work on the Problem. What’s unique is the questions I ask and what you experience. During the session you will break away for a while from the ‘head’, your usual logical approach to solving problems, and instead focus on the senses. Through the questions, exercises and experiences the problem will change.

Consistent feedback from clients is that the emotion around the problem changes. Once the emotion changes, many clients can move forward and resolve the problem, others find the problem is reduced and some find it disappears.



Why keep the problem to yourself?
Everyone needs help with a problem from time to time, but traditionally, this means sharing the problem and talking it over with someone, whether a professional or friends. As the old saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved”

But what if it is the kind of problem you feel uncomfortable revealing to others? How do you work through it without help?
That is why I developed my unique process, I can help you work through your problems without ever revealing to me what it is.

The Model


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