“Oh for the life of sensations rather than of thoughts” John Keats

Why this unique approach? Why keep the problem to yourself?

Everyone needs help with a problem from time to time, but traditionally, this means sharing the problem and talking it over with someone, whether a professional or friends. As the old saying goes,

“A problem shared is a problem halved”

But what if it is the kind of problem you feel uncomfortable revealing to others? How do you work through it without help?

To do that, I created a process that frees you up to experience new perspectives without talking about the problem. There are three design principles to my process:

  • Non-disclosure of the problem. Find a way to work on it without discussing it.
  • Introduce unique perspectives. To breakout of usual thought process and limiting beliefs.
  • Freedom to open up to yourself. Help you to explore, experience and sense your way through the problem.

That freedom to open up to yourself is liberating when dealing with the kind of issue you don’t want to share. It allows you to work through the problem without fear of being judged, without unnecessary sympathy when you want help, without the biases of the listener or unhelpful advice.