“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Do you have a problem that you have not resolved for months or even years? Are you stuck in a problem and you can’t see a way forward? Is the problem holding you back or slowing you down? Is it causing negative behaviour, belief or emotion? I can help.

Whatever the problem is, it doesn’t matter. The process I have developed can work on any problem, whether personal or work, and without the need to disclose anything. In fact, this process works best if I don’t know anything so it’s perfect for those issues you really don’t want to discuss. I offer a unique, stress free way for you to work on any problem in a confidential, trusting environment.

I have helped people in all walks of life with my unique approach, from students to professionals, young and old. It’s proven effective in finding new perspectives to your challenges, without ever revealing what they are. Together we can work on your problem, without divulging what it is.